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Skin youthful vitality secrets - Collagen!

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Collagen keeps skin firm, taut, and lifted. Picturing the baby's skin, full of collagen. Youth and vitality are what everyone dreams of.

In fact, from about the twenties, our collagen hyperplasia began to slow down........, dull, uneven skin tone, large pores, fewer wrinkles, droopy skin, sagging jawline slowly appears. That is a process of physiological ageing.

Have you noticed that people of the same age, even twins, with the same blood relationship, show different age states?



The regeneration and repairability of collagen determine the speed of ageing. Put aside the side effects that accelerate cell agreeing such as environment, lifestyles, diet, health, hormones, etc.

How to stimulate collagen hyperplasia is the key to skin rejuvenation.

There is an simple way to boost up collagen level in the body is by drink it.

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