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How to prepare the skin before and after the Spray Tan?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Before Spray Tan Skincare:

  • pre-waxing / shaving the unwanted body hair, doing so after tanning will leave the strip and spot patches.

  • shower and scrubbing the area is easy to build up the dead skins, such as hands, wrist, ankles, knees, elbows, neck, feet, so the tan stays evenly.

  • dry skin without any moisture and deodorant.

  • remove makeup if need the face spray as well.

  • remove the jewelry and tide the hair up

  • wear old and dark loose dress/cloths, prefer a one-piece dress, nothing tight.

  • wear open shoes/ flip-flops.

After Spray Tan Skincare at home:

  • wait for 2-8 hours before washing off.

  • change the bed sheet into a dark color, otherwise, it is washable.

  • gently rinsing off, do not scrub.

  • body moisture/lotion apply after shower.

  • apply the SPF30+ if outdoor/ sun-exposed, as the tan is not a UV protector.

  • enjoy the nice tan skin!

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