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IPL+RF -- OPT Skin Rejuvenation

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

OPT Skin Rejuvenation uses the pulse light-based system, that treats uneven skintone, dilated capillaries, pigment, acne, wrinkles. Because of melanin, hemoglobin, water molecules, collagen, sebaceous glands, hair follicle, follicular funnel response with different wavelengths of light, thus adress the skin photoaging signs. Bring you a bright, smooth, glowing (natural shine), flawless, elasticity, wrinkle free healthy skin.

The effectiveness of this treatment is determined by the depth, size, and amount of light energy delivered into the target object, and depends on the skin color.

After treating the pigmentation, it will darken because of chemical changes. The cells that contain the dark pigment will travel to the surface of the skin and then slough off after 5-7 days. As well as treats broken capillaries, it turns purple before clear out.

Treatment intervals for OPT Skin rejuvenation are every 3-4 weeks on the face and every 4-6 weeks on the body, recommended 6 courses of treatment.

To maintain results we recommend the regular use of 30+,50+ sunscreen and melanin inhibiting cosmeceuticals, plus hydration serum, skin regenerative solution.

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